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Saturday, August 8

Things You Don't Know Until You Grow

Watching different plants growing in the garden over the last couple of months makes me realize that I never really knew how things grew. Fruits and vegetables just showed up in the produce section at the grocery store and that was that. Sure, I knew the basics. Apples come from trees. Blueberries come from bushes. Melons are grown on vines. But I couldn't tell you what it looked like to watch something go from a tiny seed to actual food. Watching the stages each plant goes through is fascinating to me, and I think that's part of the reason I really love growing things.

A cantaloupe starts out as a little swell at the base of the female flower.

Then the flower dries up, leaving just a tiny, green, fuzzy cantaloupe.

The cantaloupe then begins to grow bigger and loses the fuzz but remains green.

Then some of the thick, bristly netting that you see on the cantaloupes in the grocery store starts to appear.

As soon as the melon is heavily netted all the way around and the color in between the netting goes from green to tan, it will be ready to eat!


Katrina said...

Yum! I didn't realize you were just in Missouri. I'm in Lawrence, KS. I don't have a garden as great as yours. All I did this year was throw some corn in the ground. I've done nothing but look at 12 stalks out my window. Picked two ears on Sat. I won't garden more here because there are chiggers like crazy and I hate them! ;) I love seeing all your garden pics. My mom and dad garden and sell their things at their farmer's market, so I grew up with a huge garden. Someday I'd like to more! Need to get away from these chiggers. Do you have them there?

Lisa said...

I wish I had corn this year. The garden this year is very small since it's my first garden, but next year I plan on growing at least 30 different vegetables and fruits (with lots of pictures). :) We do have chiggers, but they're not so bad here. I didn't know they were that bad in Lawrence. That stinks! I hope your corn tasted delicious.

Deb G said...

I love that process...always seems like such a miracle to me.

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