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Monday, August 10

Great Resource For Gardeners

I was looking around the other day for resources that would help me figure out exactly what I can plant in spring, summer, and fall and what varieties will be out of the garden by spring and can be replanted. I am getting an early start on my garden next year, and I don't want any space to go unused!

I came across the University of Missouri Extension site. It has a TON of great info. It even tells you which varieties are best suited for Missouri and how to control some of the disease and insect problems that occur in Missouri. If you don't live in Missouri, just Google your state and then "extension office," and you should be able to find some information that is tailored for your state.

For my fellow Missourians, here's the link to the Missouri Extension.

I have also been planning on doing some winter gardening on a small scale (carrots and lettuce), just to see if I can actually grow things OUTDOORS when the temperature is way below freezing. When looking through the University of Missouri Extension site, I noticed that they built an unheated greenhouse (which is what I'm going to do...sort of) and were able to grow quite a few cold-hardy vegetables in it with no problems. That gives me hope for my project. Don't worry. I'll have much more to come on the winter project. It's still in the planning stages right now.


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