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Tuesday, December 15

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

We finally got some really cold weather in central Missouri.  On my porch thermometer a few mornings ago, it was 2 degrees!  Brrr!  My carrots couldn't handle that kind of cold, so I harvested them all.  I got 47 carrots total, a mix of Scarlet Nantes and Danvers.  Some of them were still really small, but I think that was due to lazy thinning efforts on my part.  Most of them, though, were a really great size.  I made an amazing soup with some of them and still have quite a few left.

I'm starting to get some seed catalogs and plan the garden for next spring.  I'll be starting some seeds in February, so I don't have too much longer to wait!  In the meantime, I'm going to continue planning and making some seed mats for my carrots and lettuce so I won't have to worry about thinning next year.


The Gracious Pantry said...

Oh how I miss having a garden!
We moved from a house to a condo (first time in a condo), and it's been quite painful not having a yard. Especially with a 2 year old who loves being outside. ~Sigh. I'm dreaming of all the fruits and veggies I'll plant when we move.

Love the carrot photo!

Katrina said...

Yummy looking carrots. My parents garden and sell their produce at their local farmer's market and they bunch up carrots just like these and sell them. And ooh, they are so good, like eating candy!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Are you snowed in there? We are here in Lawrence, KS.

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