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Monday, September 7

Snow Peas for the Fall

I have some empty space in the garden now that the melons are pretty much done.  I started some snow pea seeds indoors a few weeks ago.  Peas are natural climbers, so you need to give them a trelllis or some kind of fence to grow up.  I took three pieces of PVC pipe and tied them together to make a small tipi for them.  They seem to like it and have been attaching their little feelers to it as they grow.

Since the weather has been so cool, they have been growing really well.  However, I have noticed that the few days where it has been in the 80s, they have completely stopped growing.  I think next year, since it will probably be pretty hot still at this time of year, I am going to grow the peas indoors until at least September and then transplant them for the rest of the fall.


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